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The Core Difference

Reduce Stress

Meditation is effective against stress, but only if we do it. Core helps you meditate more consistently, to help you burn bright so you don’t burn out.

Increase Focus

Core’s device uses grounding vibrations and clarifying breathing exercises to bring anxious minds back into focus.

Improve Performance

Whether your goal is a marathon record or nailing your next presentation, clarity of mind and control over stress is what you need to be in the zone.

Why Core Works

core immersive meditation training device breathwork

An immersive experience like never before

Meditation you'll finally stick with

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What sets Core apart is there's a physical object for you to hold that also collects data to help track your meditation journey.


After using Core during different parts of my day, I’ve observed more obvious trends, such as when I meditate at the end of the day after taking a bath, I spend more time feeling calm vs. when I meditate after getting home from being stuck in traffic. But also more surprising trends like I tend to be more calm if I’ve worked out that day.

Fitness Editor - POPSUGAR

Meditating is a tough habit to build. If you need an extra hand, or just a little tap on the shoulder to get you back in the zone, look at Core.

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